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Make It Pretty

Make It Pretty

There are still businesses that see creativity as little more than a cosmetic: a final touch of lipstick to make a product look more appealing. They are profoundly wrong: and the world is full of case studies to prove them wrong. Applied creativity can be as central, as integral and as functional as any operating system; and should be expected to be so.

( Source: LinkedIn | The Scarcity Value of Creativity )

I see and hear this every day. It usually goes like this:

Them: Oh my gosh, I put so much time and expertise and skills into this XXX. You wouldn’t believe all the tricks and magic I had to pull off to get this XXX together.

Me: Wow, that’s great.

Them: Can you make it pretty?

It’s funny.

And then it’s not funny.

And then it’s disrespectful.

It’s crazy to think about the amount of effort designers put into “making things pretty”. I’m most invested in the creative process as it relates to marketing / advertising / communications, but the same can be said about any kind of art.

Know what question usually comes next?

Them: After making it pretty, can we send an email blast?