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The board’s beef was speed. The directors “didn’t push Steve to step down,” says Mr. Thompson, a longtime technology executive who heads the board’s CEO-search committee, “but we were pushing him damn hard to go faster.”

( Source: Wall Street Journal | Exclusive Interview: Steve Ballmer on His Retirement as Microsoft CEO – WSJ.com )


It’s odd that in one piece of the interview, Ballmer notes that “… Microsoft would not be led by him because of the very corporate culture he had helped instill.”

Yet, he was pushed to go faster by the Board. But he couldn’t go faster. Even with the help of the culture he instilled. And Ballmer thinks this is the culture that will lead Microsoft without him?

Then, there’s this:

“Instead, he got more pressure. Mr. Thompson says he told Mr. Ballmer and his executives: “Either get on the bus or get off.” Mr. Ballmer says he took that as an endorsement of his plan. That evening, some of them played poker, drank Scotch and gathered around the lodge’s fireplace.”

That’s how they responded?

Rough few years ahead.