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All Day


Additionally, a large part of my day is spent meeting with members of other teams inside the company — both on corporate issues and how we might assist them. The marketing team’s job here at Frontline is, at least in part, to be a service bureau to the rest of the organization.

( Source: HubSpot | What Does Your CMO Do All Day? [Interview] )


I really enjoyed this interview.

The service bureau point is how I look at things – we don’t work for Company X, we work with them, ensuring we are there to help bring their successes to life.

Marketing can be a thankless job, running around every day making sure you are taking advantage of all the great stories happening simultaneously throughout the organization – and running is the only way to turn these ideas into campaigns and programs – then tying them back to the successes and challenges that result.

Which makes this response ring especially true:

I am always thinking about ways to improve the results of our marketing efforts, meaning getting more leads and generating more revenue for the company. Simultaneously, I am always thinking about how we can better measure the activities that we are doing. If we can’t measure it, we can’t know if we are getting better or worse in our overall marketing performance.

Another major focus area for me, especially in 2014, is personnel development. I need to spend even more time thinking about how I can help my team improve. One element of this is figuring out what professional development they might need to continue to grow and working together to help them achieve this.

Don’t be fooled by bigger lists, more followers etc. More leads + more revenue = success.