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Ms Ahrendts certainly had her doubters at the beginning. When it was announced she was taking the helm, some of the more bitchy members of the company’s design team were shocked – how could a frumpy woman who used to run the American working girl-favourite Liz Claiborne improve their beloved Burberry?

( Source: The Independent | Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts: Because she’s worth it (her salary, that is) )


Sounds like she’ll make a great fit.

From earlier this year…

But can he do what Steve Jobs did so often — invent a new category-killing product? Since September 2012, Apple stock has lost $100 billion worth of its value, falling 29%. While nothing can make up for the loss that investors who bought at Apple’s peak price — perhaps investors should throw in the towel on Cook.

( Source: | With Apple Profit Falling, Board Should Replace Tim Cook with Jony Ive )


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