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Apple Logo, from: http://www.fame-production.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Apple-Logo-apple-41156_1024_768.png


Ms Ahrendts certainly had her doubters at the beginning. When it was announced she was taking the helm, some of the more bitchy members of the company’s design team were shocked – how could a frumpy woman who used to run the American working girl-favourite Liz Claiborne improve their beloved Burberry?

( Source: The Independent | Burberry chief Angela Ahrendts: Because she’s worth it (her salary, that is) )


Sounds like she’ll make a great fit.

From earlier this year…

But can he do what Steve Jobs did so often — invent a new category-killing product? Since September 2012, Apple stock has lost $100 billion worth of its value, falling 29%. While nothing can make up for the loss that investors who bought at Apple’s peak price — perhaps investors should throw in the towel on Cook.

( Source: Forbes.com | With Apple Profit Falling, Board Should Replace Tim Cook with Jony Ive )