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Outside In

Outside In



But its way of seeing is foreign, the perspective of the curious outsider for whom nothing is obvious and whose questions are big and naïve and, in their naïveté, important.

( Source: NYTimes.com | An Outsider Looks at Life in America )


I think they are on to something special with this new network. While I don’t think they will replace any of the bigger networks, Al Jazeera can become a terrific complement to our current bucket of news options. Ever been out of the country and tried to follow USA news on local channels? We’re getting this outside look into our news without having to travel.

And how about the news industry as a whole? Seems like there’s some shake up going on (Washington Post, Al Jazeera, etc.).

In addition to the news stream, Al Jazeera will transform how we watch sports. Earlier this year, I thought about the future of soccer / football on TV. My quote then:

“But I believe these options aren’t too far away. And I believe they will be provided by Al Jazeera…”

We’re getting closer.