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IT's Changing Focus


“IT is more relevant today than we have ever been,” said Herbert, who said IT’s importance grows as it frees itself from infrastructure management to concentrating on helping the business.

“I would much rather focus on business alignment and creating business value,” Herbert said “We’re not focused on necessarily keeping an Exchange environment running internally,” he said.

– John Herbert, Fox CIO and EVP

( Source: Network World | IT isn’t going away, says Fox CIO )


IT’s value to the organization is shifting.

As a manager, your goal is add value to your team and company. Many times, that’s not about doing what’s in front of you but rather what’s coming down the road. Ensuring your team is capable (and willing) to handle the short-term tasks so you can focus on the longer-term items is key to your success.

The same can be said about IT. IT is no longer focused on updating patches on an Exchange server. Rather, it’s about how IT can stretch technology to meet the company’s needs – today and tomorrow.

Data centers and managed services are a huge part of this shift and focus. The challenge now is understanding where to offload these daily / short-term tasks to support and grow your company.


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