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Does Not Interface


I’m not a cyborg (yet) so I can’t be sure, but I suspect the effect is more the opposite: alienating you from the direct bodily experiences you already have by turning them into technological interfaces to be manipulated.

( Source: MIT Technology Review | Your Body Does Not Want to Be an Interface )


I agree wearable technology is the direction technology is moving. I still don’t think Google Glass will be accepted by consumers.

After thinking it through over the past week, I still believe headphones are the next big thing. Beyond just the ideas I posted earlier:

  • With the new iRadio (or whatever it will be called), Apple will need a better way for folks to listen and interact with their device.
  • By tightly tying in with Siri, the headphones can become the remote control for a new Apple TV (this one will be a little more tricky since multiple people use remote controls, not headphones).
  • They will sell for $199 and can be used with any bluetooth-enable device but are made specifically for working with Apple products
  • Will be updatable and rechargeable through a lightening adapter (there are no cables but a dock to recharge / update)


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