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Who Says What


The point, it seems to me, is that there’s not much marketers can do when the CEO puts his foot in it.

( Source: CMO.com | A&F Victim Of Voice Of Millennial Customer )


It’s not just the CEO. The article continues:

As every prominent person of the day—from newscasters to sports idols, to rappers, to politicians—knows nothing, but nothing, gets by anymore, and especially with the young and socially connected crowd.

This seems to be more of an education and preparation thing. If the CEO (or CMO or CTO or…) is in front of the media (which, today, can mean a national media outlet or a single blogger), the CXO should know the topic and discussion points going into it. Education and preparation.

If it’s an ad-hoc conversation, the CXO should have a list of do’s and don’ts. Education and preparation.

These points and lists are the responsibility of the Marketing and Communications team(s) to prepare and educate.

Now, if the CXO has been educated and prepared but still decides to say something silly, then that’s probably a deeper, cultural thing that needs to be addressed.

And, likely, they’ll deserve what’s coming to them.


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