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Trouble is, too often marketers never get past the thinking to actually doing something different.

( Source: CMO.com | Don’t Just Think Different, Do Different )


Thinking is a huge part of the marketer’s arsenal. Reading, thinking, discussing, thinking, planning, thinking, iterating, thinking. It goes into every piece of every project.

It’s one of the things I enjoy most about the profession / culture.

But there’s something holding back our ability to go from thinking to doing. I’ve been able to nail down why there are projects that never get off my thinking plate and into the execution oven:


I don’t know if it’s fear of failure, or fear of the unknown, or fear of rejection. I just know it boils down to fear.

And assuming a solution to fear is to do nothing is the worst possible scenario. But I think this is where we get stuck. Instead of diving in a bit more and understanding some possible outcomes, then discussing it with colleagues to get more feedback, we tend to pat on ourselves on the back with a job well thought of without ever doing anything.

This has to stop.

Next time you think of something innovative, but don’t actually do anything, ask yourself why. And be honest. If you get stuck, open yourself up to one of your developers. Ask them how they manage their projects and how they go from idea to coding. (Just be prepared for a little stick.)

Once we start doing, then we can start thinking even more – about the challenges / successes / metrics / iterations – about our next project.


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