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Johnson's Call


Maybe this is the moment that turns things around for Gus and Fox Soccer.

( Source: Awful Announcing | Video: Gus Johnson Erupts for Wigan’s FA Cup Winning Goal )


I watched parts of this game yesterday. The commentary and play-by-play was awful. Ian Wright knows his stuff, it’s just the pairing with Johnson that made it incredibly awkward.

“Yaya”? Really?

And the call at the game’s end felt terribly rehearsed and delayed.

If Fox is waiting for these types of moments in soccer for Johnson to shine, there aren’t many. A soccer game is a story, which needs to be narrated as such. It’s not told in fits and starts depending on the flow of the game.

I’ve read feedback about Johnson calling games, but this was the first time I was able to experience it.

What a shame.


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