That explains why rather than turning their backs, the Reds intend to put a collective arm around him and help him try to combat his demons.

( Source: Liverpool Echo | James Pearce analysis: Luis Suarez will get chance to emerge from the shadows at Liverpool FC )


Tough week as a Liverpool supporter.

An awful and stupid action by Suarez has created a lot of additional criticism to an otherwise terrific player. The criticism is a little over the top:

Of course there’s been the inevitable shitstorm as a result of it, with every Tom, Dick and Jason having their say (that balloonhead Roberts wasn’t a minute before putting the boot in was he?), and whilst Luis is clearly in the wrong and should be suitably punished for it, a lot of the things I’ve been reading and hearing are just hysterical, reactionary nonsense, and not just from ‘outsiders’ either.

( Source: The Liverpool Way | Liverpool 2 Chelsea 2 – Prem (Apr 21 2013) )

At the end of it, I’m guessing (and hoping!) the Suarez incident only strengthens Liverpool’s supporters.

The kid has demons. Instead of throwing him out, let’s help him out.


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