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Just Ship It


Brotman, the chief digital officer, acknowledges inconsistencies in the experience, but he says it’s better for Starbucks to move faster and make mistakes, than move slower and risk falling behind.

( Source: Fast Company | Starbucks’s Shoddy Square Rollout Baffles Baristas, Confuses Customers )


I really want to poke fun at this. Being a Square client / promoter (and a sometimes-Starbucks customer), it saddens me this wasn’t rolled out properly.

After I heard the news, I went down to downtown Starbucks and asked them if I could pay with Square. They knew what I was talking about but they didn’t have the scanner set up to process the order. Instead, I used Passport, which worked / works flawlessly.

As a user, I have no idea how an organization / person can “just ship it” without “it” working as promoted / expected.

As someone who builds and releases things, I certainly understand and appreciate the need to “just ship it”.

Still, there has to be a happy medium.