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How We Will Read


So, on July 1, 2013, we will retire Google Reader.

( Source: Google Official Blog | A second spring of cleaning )


I’m bummed about the news.

I’m a heavy Google Reader user. It’s where I read the bulk of my news (the other source: Twitter), and it’s where I keep my reading list active (via Instapaper). I have a nice, simple workflow that I’ve used for a few years to keep me going no matter my location or device.

This retirement is going to shake things up a bit.

Yet, I’m pretty excited about what’s coming next. From the charts I’ve seen, there remains a robust need for a Google Reader-like service.

The challenge, I think, is going to be with the implementation of a service for die-hard users and passersby. I bet many of the new services looking to take the reigns from Google Reader will focus on the passersby. Unfortunately, that’s the wrong group.

And the folks I’ve looked at over the past few days as a replacement (NewsBlur, The Old Reader, fever, Feedly), all seem to repurpose / reuse Google Reader’s services. Not to say that’s a bad thing – soon they will be the only Google Reader services.

But, what if Marco Arment, the creator of Instapaper, built a reader-like service to hook seamlessly into Instapaper? Maybe “Paper”, a “Magazine” style app / ecosystem?

Or, maybe Apple creates a “basic” version of Google Reader, with a premium version that hooks all magazines / books / articles into a single app?

The near term is going to squirmy.

The longer term is going to be exciting.