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It is putting a radio transceiver on your bags that tells you where your luggage is when it isn’t where it should be.

( Source: NYTimes.com | Gadgetwise Blog: Your Lost Bags Sent a Text. Come Get Them. )


Cool idea, especially if your luggage is picked up by someone other than you. Also nice that you can get a jump on the lost luggage line.

Here’s what I’d like to see – A Shake Shack-style buzzer / app that notifies you when your bag is coming down the carousel.

Seriously, do we all need to stand around waiting for our bag, while others are trying to grab theirs?




It’s really simple. Everyone stands back a few feet. When their buzzer / app rings, their bag is coming down the carousel. They pick it up, while everyone else remains standing back.

It’s a lot better than nudging people out of the way, only to knock them over when trying to drag your luggage off the belt.

(I may have been traveling recently.)