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I Still Have No Confidence


Klinsmann’s vaunted desire to instil tactical consistency at every level from youth teams upward, may yet pay dividends on the slow burn side of long term technical development in the US, and may be the painful and necessary next step to stop patchworking teams together from the 11 best players in the country and hoping they’ll run hard enough for each other. Yet it’s also had the curious effect of seeming to rob his current team of urgency, as they sullenly go through the motions.

( Source: TheGuardian | USA loss to Honduras reveals weaknesses for Klinsmann’s side )


On Monday of this week, I had this exchange with my pal @JRasnicJr:

  • Him: Ha! Haven’t watched the Liverpool match yet. Hope they pulled it out. How confident are you heading into the Honduras match? Me…not so much.
  • Me: good game, city v. liverpool. i have no confidence right now in the usa’s progression to brazil. it’s sad, but i can see us missing out on 2014. i hope i am 100% wrong!!
  • Him: Yeah, I’m with you. I don’t see us missing out, but a 4th place finish and having to qualify against the Kiwis is not a far-fetched scenario.

Still nervous.

It’s 30 points – 27 now – and with the other results, there is some encouragement. Still, with a Honduras win, the other teams now know it’s possible.

We had the opportunity to make a statement for the entire tournament, and build confidence going into 2014.

I still “have no confidence right now in the usa’s progression to brazil”.