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What I can recommend is that you stare at the elephant in the room, name it, and deal with it. The maker/manager conflict sits at the heart of many of the development challenges that founder/CEOs deal with as they scale their companies and scale themselves. Conquering it is possibly your greatest opportunity and will lead to your biggest success.

( Source: AVC | Becoming A Boss )


The transition from maker to manager is one of the biggest challenges, and is true of any managerial / maker position (not just CEO / Founder).

I still go back to the idea of selling trust; it’s a focus for both internal and external relationship-building. If I’m the maker, I need to trust you (the manager) are managing (and hopefully leading) us in the right direction. The flip is true as well – as manager, I need to trust you (the maker) are able to deliver.

Once that trust breaks, each tends to step over the line and turn into the other’s role. The maker starts managing and the manager starts making.

In the end, nothing gets done.