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Marketing's Value to Sales


However, within these two suggestions are two very tangible measures of value. The first is pipeline velocity — increasing the speed at which the company moves a prospect from curiosity to close.

The second is face time — increasing the time sales people spend meeting with customers versus the time they spend preparing to do so.

(Source: Denver Business Journal | B2B vs. B2C marketing — do the differences matter?)


The first measure of value, pipeline velocity, is much more important to marketing, and really only half of this measurement matters to a marketing effort.

Nurturing a lead is the process of qualifying a prospect to be handed over to sales. This rests solely with the Marketing team – Can we pique the interest and begin building a relationship with the prospect to ensure what we have is what they are looking for?

Once nurtured, it’s off to the sales team for further qualifying and support.

The second measurement is simply a rate of success based on sales teams doing their jobs.

It’s important to remember these are two separate, albeit sometimes-overlapping, efforts. The best teams collaborate and communicate often to ensure the company’s overall message is being met and delivered from start (nurture) to finish (sale).

But they remain separate.

As I tell my sister, my job is to get folks in the door.

Your job is to sell them.