There are so many fake reviews that I’m often better off just walking into a physical store and picking an item off the shelf at random.

(Source: NYTimes.com | Amazon Book Reviews Deleted in a Purge Aimed at Manipulation)


It may be the pessimist in me but I don’t purchase anything online with less than 10 reviews.

Unless I am 100% certain it’s something I want / need, I generally take a look through all the comments to see if there’s something that might dissuade me from purchase.

And it’d have to be something that affects me specifically (ie, “It doesn’t work with the Apple TV”).

Otherwise, I see the 5 stars as from friends and family, and 1 stars from competitors.

I don’t know if the physical would be any better, since most folks there work on a commission and just want to process a sale – any sale.

Plus, there’s the whole going-to-the-store thing.


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