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Breaking Up Technology Roles


Proactive CIOs and CMOs will figure out how to work together productively, and as a result, both should be in a much better position to prove their value to the organization.

(Source: CIO.com, Does the Rise of the CMO Threaten CIOs?)


To be fair, I don’t think this is limited to the CMO role specifically. As technology has become a necessity in building productive and efficient teams, every team needs access to the CIO / CTO.

In a handful of organizations I’ve had chats with (and from first-hand experience), there is an enormous amount of pressure put on the technology teams from individuals within the organization. Whether it’s the need to bring-your-own-device or to utilize a new project management system, technology teams are challenged to match today’s needs with tomorrow’s direction. And lots of them are falling behind.

The Marketing team is just the latest entry in this discussion.

Maybe it’s time to break up CIO / CTO designations into external / internal roles?