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Hurry Up Or Shut Up


I would personally want to stay away from it unless I thought I had some killer product that I thought was going to be a devastating winner…

– Michael Mace, a former marketing executive at Apple and Palm who has a new start-up called Zekira

(Source: NYTimes.com, Rivals Jostle Before Apple Announces New iPhone)


Goes back to the simple idea of having something tangible and awesome to talk about takes care of the PR and marketing.

Pour your resources into fluff and you’re in big trouble in the long run.

By the way, how much trouble are non-fruit named technology companies this holiday season? Let’s say the new iPhone is announced on September 12 and then ships throughout the rest of the month and into October (and beyond).

Then, another announcement is made for the alleged iPad Air in October. That runs through October and into November.