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They take care to filter out as many distractions as possible so they can focus on the work to be done together.

(Source: Harvard Business Review, Why Remote Workers Are More (Yes, More) Engaged)


Working remotely seems to get a bad rap because of all the distractions available in the home / home office: TVs, pets, food, etc.

But those are all controllable distractions. Once I get used to my work environment, and start avoiding those distractions, what’s left to disrupt my thinking / working?

Flip that around to working in an office.

How much control do you have over those distractions?

Side note: Once I conquered the ability to ignore the distractions when working from home, I can work anywhere. It’s really about focus – knowing what’s going on around me is important, but it shouldn’t break my focus on what’s in front of me.