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… but after the disappointment of The Hawthorns a week ago, this performance served notice of the potential which lies within Rodgers’ squad.

(Source: Liverpool Echo, Liverpool FC analysis – a work in progress, but progressing well)


100% agree. It wasn’t a 180º turn, but it’s moving in that direction, which is hugely encouraging.

A few notes from my view:

  • Allen: Amazing talent, vision, all that. Really fun to watch “Little Joe Allen”.
  • Sterling: What was I doing when I was 17? Certainly not possessing the mental capacity to play a full 90+ minutes at Anfield against the League Champions. (Ps: Really enjoyed seeing him and Tevez exchanging jerseys.)
  • Lucas: Let’s hope it’s a minor ding.
  • Kelly: Overmatched, not his best outing.
  • Gerrard: Struggled to get into the game in the first half, came alive in the second. Can we all agree the corner kicks that are driven across should be selected as the default option?
  • Suarez: Fun to watch, but stop moaning. He did well to stand up for Sterling but knock it off. (Nice goal, by the way.)
  • Borini: Hasn’t quite found his place. I’m sure that will come but they look a more structured side with Carroll.
  • Anfield: Home sweet home (once again).
  • Referees: Still have some early-season rust to work out.
  • Rodgers: Great game plan and adjustments.
  • Mr. Dennehy’s: A terrific place to catch a game.

Overall, much better.