Free 7 Day Trial FOX Soccer 2Go: My Review

Free 7 Day Trial FOX Soccer 2Go: My Review


We noticed you’ve checked out FOX Soccer 2Go before but no longer hold a subscription. We want you to take this unique Free Trial opportunity to check the service out again and experience the difference.



While I’ve been a bit of a downer on Fox Soccer, I’m always excited when a new season starts, providing a new opportunity to right some previous wrongs.

As a Liverpool supporter, that goes without saying this season.

So, when the email from Fox Soccer 2Go arrived in my inbox this week, I was excited. Yes, I recently criticized their communication efforts – even after receiving assurances from their PR & Communications Manager – but I’m an optimist.


Me, too!

The email I received was good. A little wordy. My suggestion is to drive home a single message and don’t make me think. Click, and go. That’s it. But whatever, that’s just me.

I click the link (one of seven links in the body of the email. SEVEN!!!). And here’s the page I land on:


Where Do I Click To Register For The Free 7 Days?


Where’s the registration link? I clicked on a link in the email to register for a free 7 day trial. WHERE IS THE FREE 7 DAY TRIAL LINK?

(Yes, that’s a rotating image. And guess what? Not one of the images has anything to do with the free 7 day trial. That’s why I am on this page, yes?)


So, I find the page where I register for the free 7 day trial. (It’s here, in case you are looking.)

There’s a short form I have to fill out and I can even test to make sure your machine can watch the video. Probably a good move, given previous experiences.

So, I view the test video.

In case you didn’t have the opportunity to do so, I took two screenshots. I have strong feelings, but I’d like to hear what your thoughts are on these…







Ok, here are mine:

  • Why use “Hi” and not “High”? I mean, you didn’t use “Lo”
  • This is the difference between “Hi” and Low? Um, what’s the difference?
  • This is “Hi”? Wow!


Next stop, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:


Where is the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?


Um, anyone see anything wrong with this? Where can I review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use? Oh, there’s an asterisk there so it must be noted below. Nope, that designates a required field.

I have to agree with their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, yet I am not allowed to easily review them before agreeing to them. Sneaky, no?

It’s akin to writing a blank check.

Speak of, here’s the payment piece (I chose PayPal, because that’s how I roll):


What Am I Paying For?


So, what am I paying for here? Am I paying $19.99 for the 7 day free trial? Or, do I get the free trial, then you charge me the $19.99 monthly fee?

A little frustrating. And think what I’ve had to do just to get to this point!

(Oh, I didn’t sign up. Again, I’m not able to review the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use BEFORE paying of the free 7 day along with…whatever, I didn’t sign up.)

So, maybe I missed something in the email. Maybe there’s a link there that I can find the details I’m looking for. (Details! The dreaded “D” word!)

I click on the “If you cannot see the images in this message please view online version” link in the email, which lands me here:

Hmm…Perform Group. Where have I seen that name before? Oh, right.

Ugh, another start to the season, another disappointment.

At least we have Rodgers, right?

My conclusion: Fox Soccer does not care about the user. They have had this untenable lead and could do whatever they pleased, without listening to those folks who actually paid / used the service.

They do not regularly communicate with end users. (Maybe because they don’t handle their own support or / and marketing?)

They do not care about the details.

Now, with more competition flooding in, they are late to get their stuff together. This is a seasonal business. If they turned the corner this season, they would have stayed in front of these newcomers.

Me thinks they are in a bit of trouble.

Big time.


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04/25/13: Updated EPLTalk link above (thanks @kimahlberg!)

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