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The Magic Of Expectations


“Updates are so routine that when you buy a smartphone or a tablet, you don’t just hope it will be better tomorrow than it is today, doing new and wonderful things that it doesn’t already do — you expect it. That’s the magic of software.

More often than not, though, gadgets don’t get better. They just get obsolete.”

– Source: Buzzfeed, It Never Gets Better


I disagree. It does get better.

We touched on this topic during last week’s podcast, even talking about the craziness of the already-obsolete Lumia 900.

The expectations are set on both sides.

If you’re an Apple customer, you’re not only going to get an update that will make your life simpler, but you’re going to get an update.


Apple’s cycle seems to be pretty obvious. You buy an iPhone / iPad and you’ll get two years worth of updates (the normal life of the carrier contract). Once those two years are up, it’s time to move up to the latest hardware to take advantage of the latest software.

Yeah, it stinks that it doesn’t last longer, but Moore’s Law is just as relevant in today’s world as it was when it was introduced.

I haven’t owned a smartphone outside of the iPhone for the past five years. While I would certainly benefit from all the bells and whistles that are promoted with Android and Windows Phone, that’s a one-time shot.

Oh, cool! I picked up the latest Android phone! This is great!

From there, it goes downhill. No updates unless you buy a new device.

The magic of expectations might be Apple’s secret weapon.



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