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Roger Waters: The Wall Live In New York


Last night, we took the train up to Yankee Stadium to Roger Waters’ The Wall Live concert. What an experience. For some reason, I’ve always been hooked into the emotional music and words from Pink Floyd, then and now. The Wall and The Wall Live both drive that home.

We talked about the concerts we’ve attended over the past 10 years. There have been some excellent shows (Willie Nelson, Metallica, Rolling Stones) but for me, this one topped them all.

I posted a handful of photos on my Tumblr site.

The music and vocals are amazing to hear live. I’ve heard some of their live recordings, even the stuff with David Gilmour. But to be there, is something else entirely.

And that’s the most impressive / disgusting part of the show. Being there, watching all the messages being thrown at you, seeing the metaphoric wall being physically built and torn down right in front of you. The messages are sad, frustrating, and disgusting. The wall is just damn impressive.

Maybe as we get older, we start seeing there are other things in this world that we should be paying attention to. John Lennon saw that, and used the paparazzi to his advantage. Bill Gates saw it, too, and is using his resources to benefit others in need.

Roger Waters is in that boat, too. Or, at least on the same lake. The message he pushes won’t be bought in by the world and certainly not everyone that attends his shows. But he’s using his stage and presence as a way to bring light to a topic he feels strongly about.




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