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The Daily Scrum, Episode 12

The Daily Scrum, Episode 12 is now available for download in iTunes! In this episode we respond to the question: “How does test automation fit with Agile?”.


The Daily Scrum, An Agile Project Management Podcast By William Anderson


Show outline & notes

  • Introduction: The Daily Scrum is a podcast about Agile Project Management for Non-software Developers
  • The Weather. Steamy.
  • How Does Test Automation Fit With Agile? (Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration)
  • Webinars
  • Wasting time in silos
  • Test tools mentioned:Selenium, Quick Test Pro, Quality Center
  • How do you bring test automation into sprint teams?
  • Here’s an idea: Create a small team that are working on a backlog that are not directly related to the business rules engines. This becomes your Agile team / evangelists.
  • Playing it safe with IBM, HP, etc. versus the flexibility and innovation that comes with Agile-based tools.
  • Is moving to Agile disruptive?
  • Closing


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