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VIP: A Helping Hand To Email Campaigns?

I’ve been playing around with iOS 6 on the iPhone. It’s good, although because I don’t have the latest version (I’m on 4), I’m not getting the full-blown preview.
The one thing I am enjoying is the update to Mail. Apple provides an overview of three key updates:

  • VIP
  • Add attachments (photos / videos)
  • Refresh

I think the old way of refreshing mail was a lot easier and faster, and I’ve been trained to start any email that needs a photo from within the photo app itself, so those two aren’t gushable changes for me.

The VIP update though is a goodie.

As with the introduction of Google’s Priority Inbox a few years back, VIP will bring those emails that matter most to the forefront, ensuring “you’ll never miss an important message from your accountant, your boss, or your BFF”.

I think we’re all used to this by now (we can always build filters / rules to make this happen) but I really like the way VIP is configured: Just open up mail, click the VIP Inbox, then add the contacts whose emails should be highlighted.

You can even customize the alerts in the Notifications app. Pretty slick.

So, how does this affect email campaigns?


Let’s say we spend an hour a day in our inbox. This includes reading, writing, organizing, etc.

When your BFF sends you an email, you have to wade through the countless other emails to find that one email.

It probably doesn’t take *that* long to find it, depending on the number of emails you’ve received.

If you have an hour a day to spend on email, isn’t flicking through all the non-BFF emails eating into that hour?


With VIP, you can now have your BFF’s emails included as a notification. Or, you can dive into the VIP folder and flick through the emails.

Either way, VIP takes significantly less time to find and reply to your BFF’s email.

Which leaves much more time to stroll through the other non-VIP emails.

Naturally, you’ll still need to build an engaging email campaign. But Apple has given you (the email marketer) a bit more time to get your message in front of your prospect / client / customer.

A win-win!


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