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The Standing Desk

I’ve been reading and thinking about standing desks lately, mainly in a “pfft, whatever” sense.
After more reading and more pfft-ing, I gave in and decided to give it a try.

I did it for one day, from roughly 5am to 2pm. A shot of the desk is below, along with my as-I-was-standing thoughts.



The desk isn’t anything special – a piece of plywood with A-frame stands. All from Ikea. I added a stand for the keyboard and trackpad, and tilted the monitors accordingly.


William Anderson | Standing Desk



I’ve been sitting behind a monitor for longer stretches than I’m used to. I initially read Michael Arrington’s post about Being Less Fat as a call to open my eyes. But, then the idea and excitement passed.

Then, the weight started gaining.

So, when I read the article A Standing Desk For $22, I thought I should do something about it.



While I was standing and working, I jotted down a few random thoughts that popped in my head:

  • I’m walking around a lot more. Even if it’s just a stroll to look out the window.
  • This is probably a long-term good thing. Maybe even short-term to keep the mind and body active. I don’t know.
  • Good lord, I slump a lot.
  • The monitor on the left is annoying me – I’ll need to get a lift for it next time.
  • My back is a little sore.
  • I have awful posture.
  • My legs are a little sore.
  • My feet are a little sore.
  • My slippers suck.



Well, I didn’t go back to it on Thursday. I was tired from standing and needed a “break”. How sad is that?

And that’s why I’ll give this another try and hope to stick with it. Maybe not all at once, but definitely over the next few weeks.

I hope to be standing full time.

Or, at least having the ability to stand without everything aching.


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