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Think Of Your Own Ideas

Think Of Your Own Ideas
We headed over to the Graphic Design – Now In Production exhibit on Governor’s Island a few weeks ago. That’s where I found the piece of art / statement above.

I think about this a lot. If you are in any type of creative role (and in today’s world, what’s not considered a creative role?), I imagine you try to think of your own ideas as much as possible.

We sometimes borrow ideas or concepts or designs or code, the reshape it into something that matches more closely to our own idea. I’m not against this kind of process. Creative commons, attribution, and all that.

Similar to the idea that there’s only been one movie plot, and everything else is just a derivative of the original. (Romeo & Juliet)

Still, it’s important to think of your own ideas. Don’t take ideas, add your logo and some fluff, then write it off as marketing. Or worse yet, yours.

Be a little creative. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll learn about yourself, your community, and your process.


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