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The Daily Scrum, Episode 10

The Daily Scrum, An Agile Project Management Podcast By William AndersonThe Daily Scrum, Episode 10 is now available for download in iTunes! In this episode we chat about whether measuring velocity is a waste of time based on the Ken Schwaber article Waste Not.

Show outline & notes

  • Introduction: The Daily Scrum is a podcast about Agile Project Management for Non-software Developers
  • The weather
  • WWDC: What we got
  • iOS6: What’s in it
  • Can Apple Reminders be used as an Agile tool?
  • Are we moving away from Agile-specific software applications in lieu of tailoring current solutions to our Agile needs?
  • Bonding of expertise
  • Is velocity a waste of time?
  • Waste Not (link)
  • Tools: Google Docs + GitHub
  • Being super lightweight
  • Doing 90% Of Your Work 100% Of The Time (link)
  • iPad v. Chromebook
  • Start doing v. Start tinkering
  • Ads annoy Mike
  • Closing


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