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Understanding The Big(ger) Picture

Asked about the Messi chants, Ronaldo said: “You know where he was at this time [last year]? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America, in his own country. I think that’s worse, no?”

(Source: guardian.co.uk, Euro 2012: Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo aims dig at Lionel Messi)


Ronaldo’s team had just won a dramatic game 3-2, transforming their chances of progressing to the quarter-final of a competition in which Messi is not even playing.

(Source: guardian.co.uk, Euro 2012: Lionel Messi comparisons cut Cristiano Ronaldo to the core)


Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t get the bigger picture.

(Psst: It’s not about you. It’s about the team. Kinda like, um, Messi, no?)


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