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3 Reasons Why You Should Join Us Next Wednesday

Next Wednesday will be our 10th (!!) Work From Home meeting. The meetings have changed little, with the addition of a speaker and local sponsorships, and they continue to be a great option for meeting other folks who work remotely.
I sometimes get asked “Why should I attend?”, so I thought I’d put together a few reasons.

A Networking Opportunity!

Working from home can be like working in a vacuum, with little chance to meet new contacts in person. Next week’s meeting will provide the opportunity to chat with a number of smart folks who are well-connected in different industries.

Join su to rub shoulders with a bunch of today’s New York up-and-comers!

A Learning Opportunity!

When working remotely , there isn’t always someone available to bounce ideas off or to get a better first-hand response to a particular topic. Next week’s meeting offers the opportunity to discuss different ideas and projects with a bunch of folks who are willing to share their knowledge on key topics.

In addition, there will be a fantastic speaker who will offer some great insights from her experience.

(If you’re interested in becoming a speaker at a future meeting, let me know.)

Join us to learn how others are being productive while working remotely!

It’s Free!

There’s no charge or fee for joining us.

It’s free!


What’s Next?

You can read more about our monthly meeting here, and you can register by clicking the button below (registration is optional).

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