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It could even end up being the most valuable screen of them all.

(Source: NYTimes.com, Xbox Gives Microsoft a Head Start in the Battle for Every Screen)

We have an Xbox and it’s great. I use it less and less for games and more for watching DVDs. The recent UI refresh was, um, refreshing – it’s actually a lot of fun to navigate through the store and see what’s out there.

TVs certainly remain, to my knowledge, the meeting center for the family. But it seems it’s less a gathering point to sit and find. Rather, it’s to sit and watch an event – a movie, sports, etc. Most of which you can now get on-demand through different services.

Working from the living room out. I don’t think that’s as personal as working from the pocket out. The mobile phone is much more personal these days than the TV.

Think about the last time you sat through a show without picking up your phone – to check an alert, do some IMDB digging, etc.

I think Microsoft loses the connected devices battle.


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