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Six Thoughts On USA v. Brazil

A few thoughts post USA v. Brazil friendly…

  1. Congested USA Midfield: Edu, Jones. They’re the same players. It’s like England starting Lampard and Gerrard (and Barry and…). Mix it up a bit. In a game like Brazil, maybe let Bradley be the holding midfielder with Torres and Donovan in the middle.
  2. Donovan looks slow and weak against Brazil. Could be because he’s coming off a hat trick against Scotland. I’m not his number one fan.
  3. Neymar is the real deal. His runs off the ball, and his touch is amazing. I cannot wait to see him with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. at Barca.
  4. Hercules is a good looking forward. Good tempo and seems to not get flustered, even when working along up top.
  5. It’s Brazil. I mean, they bring in Pato in the 70th minute. We bring in Beckerman. Just sayin’.
  6. I love watching Bradley play. Skills, toughness, hustle. He should take over the Captain America mantle when Bocanegra retires.

Finally, Marcelo is a dirty player. For club and country.


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