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Beer (And Technology)

Now the two are taking their beer to the public with backing from the tech community.
(Source: VentureBeat, Adrian Grenier and his beer startup Churchkey crack open morning brews)

Lots of beer talk here this week.

The Churchkey idea is an interesting one, and an idea that’s value is / will be debated. But I like it.

Disclaimer: I’m a fan of beer, and technology. That’s where the interesting part of this is for me. It’s a tangible product that’s a bit different than what’s available on the market.

Why not try a new design around the can? Others have tried it with widemouth bottles, cold indicators, etc. This probably won’t hit the Budweiser and Coors Light fans of the world (*hand raised*) but it might make an impact on the folks who deeply believe beer is a “cultural thing” (*hand still raised*).

I don’t know if it will “disrupt the beer industry” but I think the two guys in charge seem to be a perfect fit to give it a try.

Side note: I’m planning a trip out West and hope to find this on the shelves in San Francisco markets when I’m there. I’ll report back.


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