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A New Site For Your Professional Skills

The problem is, LinkedIn is kinda lame.
(Source: TechCrunch, WorkFu Launches its Less Ugly, More Useful Version of LinkedIn)

I’ve never been a fan of LinkedIn. Yeah, I’m on there but I don’t think I’ve updated anything for quite some time. It was always clunky and complex.

Facebook is that way to me, too.

I like the simple stuff. Twitter (v. Facebook), Google Docs (via Microsoft Office), iPhone / iPad (v. laptops, other phones), Google Hangouts (v. WebEx / GoToMeeting), Apple TV (v. cable), the subway (v. the car), etc.

And now, there’s WorkFu (v. LinkedIn).

I’ve been using WorkFu in beta mode for quite awhile. I’ve opened up an account, played with opportunities, and updated my profile. Totally simple.

You can find my WorkFu site at: workfu.com/wiljr.

Go get your account.


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