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The Daily Scrum, Episode 6

The Daily Scrum, Episode 6

The Daily Scrum, An Agile Project Management Podcast by William Anderson

The Daily Scrum, Episode 6 is now available for download in iTunes! In this episode we talk about making mistakes and we chat a bit more about the upcoming video / screencast session.

Show outline & notes

  • Introduction: The Daily Scrum is a podcast about Agile Project Management for Non-software Developers.
  • Feedback: We’re taking your questions and addressing them in the podcast!
  • Mistakes: How are mistakes dealt with in Scrum and what happens when Scrum / Agile itself is a mistake?
  • Annoying Software: More efficient software + Agile methodologies = less crappy software companies.
  • Developers: Better software means developers can be more productive.
  • Video / Screencast: It’s coming!
  • Resources, Web: Carrots And Sticks, And Intrinsic Motivation (Scrum in education).
  • Resources, Books: Agile Project Management with Scrum, Ken Schaber (Affiliate link)
  • Closing


What do you think?

The Daily Scrum
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Where to find more


Speaking of agile and scrum, here’s the book that got me started down this path.
A great read.

(This is an affiliate link to Amazon.)