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Yesterday’s Work From Home Meeting – A Recap

Thanks to everyone that showed up yesterday! A really great and fun turnout, with some continuing items that stirred up some questions (and even provided some freebies!).

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  • Community Sponsor
  • June Meeting
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An eye-opening talk from Jamie!

We continued our ‘Ask an Expert’ series of where a member talks to the group about a specific service or solution they use to make their work-from-home lives more productive. The idea is to give a bit more insight into who our members are and provide an opportunity to learn about a tool we can use to help make our lives a bit more enjoyable.

Jamie (contact details below) talked about how she uses WordPress to help drive visibility to her business and how it has increased her sales by a lot (I seem to remember the word “Tripled”). With the help of The Dead Poet’s in-house wifi, we were able to take a quick stroll through her website as Jamie explained both the successes and challenges of moving from one platform to another.

She even had a surprise at the end of her discussion – a sale came in while she was explaining how it all worked!

To learn more, find Jamie at:



In addition to the presentation and talk provided by Jamie, we also introduced a sponsor-like program to provide additional visibility to the Upper West Side, and how workers from home can benefit from local offerings.

TeaTime+ is an iPhone / iPad app with the goal of providing your social life in one stream. The app is cleverly built and has a lot of fun features to make sharing and learning fun.

The best part of the app is the team behind it. They are eager to add features and support that will make the app better and by extension, your social lives better. On top of that, they are super smart and super nice guys.

(Disclaimer: I know the developers personally and professionally.)

You can find the TeaTime+ app on iTunes here.

I offered promotional codes to the first five people who emailed me. Since I have another five promo codes, I’m including them in the post-meeting email. (A good reason to subscribe to the newsletter!)


Last Month’s Sponsor

Get Fit & Have Fun with NYC Pickup!Our first community sponsor was NYC Pickup – an Upper West Side pickup group who organizes weekly soccer games as an opportunity to get fit while having a lot of fun.

The games are co-ed, non-contact and are focused on having fun. Skills of all levels are welcome!

To visit the NYC Pickup site (and register for this week’s games!), click here.

As a side note, I’ve known Paul and Aia (the founders) from day one of their meetup (nearly five years ago!), and they’ve done nothing but increase the fun and availability of the meetups. I am a weekly attendee and look forward to the hour running around outdoors with a smile on my face.



It seemed like the 3PM start was better for a lot of folks. I think we’ll keep the same start time for our June meeting, but maybe see if we can move it outdoors (holy smokes was it nice yesterday!).

  • Date: Wednesday, June 20, 2012
  • Time: 3:00 PM – 6:00 PM (Stop by when you can, for as long as you can!)
  • Venue: The Dead Poet
  • Updates: Click here to receive email updates about upcoming meetings
  • Signup: Eventbrite* – It adds a reminder to your calendar! (*Optional)



  • We started a series called Upper West Side: Meet Your Neighbor. If there’s anyone you’d like me to reach out to (including you!), do let me know.
  • Guest Speaker: If you’d like to speak on a topic at the next meeting, let me know!
  • Member Directory: It’s up! Let me know if you want to be added.


A huge thanks goes to The Dead Poet Bar. The team has been very helpful and generous with their time and support (and giveaways!). Even if you’re not attending one of these meetups, stop for a drink and a neighborhood chat.