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The Daily Scrum, Episode 4

The Daily Scrum, Episode 4 is now available for download in iTunes! In this episode Wil goes solo and talks about three specific topics based on Ken Schwaber’s book and other Agile resources around the web.

Show outline

  • Introduction
  • Visibility & Transparency: Why is it so important to Scrum and why is it so hard to follow?
  • Leading or Managing: Managing has less of a role in Scrum, where leading is a central piece to Scrum success.
  • Change: Change to a new process is always challenging. When moving to an Agile process, it’s even more challenging because there are so many stakeholders and it exposes some difficulties.
  • Closing


Show notes

  • Most of this session was devoted to highlighting a few topics from Ken Schwaber’s book: Agile Project Management with Scrum
  • Blog post from @wiljr: Does Agile Create More Work For Marketing & PR?
  • A new Agile certification course from the Project Management Institute: PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)
  • A piece by Hector J. Correa from DevX.com: “Scrum is not a silver bullet. Even when using Scrum it is still possible (and likely) that things will go differently from what was planned every now and then. However, with frequent inspection and adaptation, the team detects these variations as soon as they happen, and adapts to its new environment. This ability to quickly adapt to a new environment is one of the key differences between empirical process controls (like Scrum) and defined process controls like the one used by traditional non-agile software development processes.”


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The Daily Scrum
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Where to find more

I’ll continue building these pieces out as I go along. For now, here’s the plan:


Speaking of agile and scrum, here’s the book that got me started down this path.
A great read.

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