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Reading And Sharing And Sourcing

Touting efficiency, news-readers give users the opportunity to scan hundreds of articles in a few moments and immediately delve deeper into the most interesting content. News-reading services do all the heavy lifting by aggregating the stories that match your interests, giving you more time to spend reading the news you care about rather than searching for it.
Beyond increasing efficiency, news-readers also allow for easy sharing of any stories of interest with your community of colleagues or friends. … Tablet apps make sharing simple, while still driving traffic back to the original source.

(Source: TechCrunch, How Tablets Are Transforming Business Intelligence)

I would throw Instapaper, Spool, etc. into this bunch. While aggregating and presenting the data is important, the ability to read and react to the news is equally important.

As someone who was never a big reader before the iPad came along, I agree with the main idea behind the “iPad economy” referenced in the article above.

The thing that sticks with me is the sharing and sourcing. I wish, when saving an article for later, I was able to record the location / user source where I found it.

Many times it will be the same as the article source. But there are times when I see a tweet or a post with a link to an interesting article I want to read later. If I was able to read the article then, I could apply the proper hat tip to whomever pointed me in the direction of the article.

Unfortunately, I save a lot of articles to read later and by the time I have a chance to start reading and thinking about them, I’ve lost the context in which I saved the article.

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