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Pep Guardiola Steps Away, We All Lose

One of the great managers is leaving the world stage.
For a break. A short break, we hope.

I don’t follow Barcelona FC closely but when they are on, I’m usually drawn to watching them. And that usually happens in the big games. Champions League, Copa del Ray, the race to the top of La Liga.

I’ve always thought Guardiola was a lot like Joe Torre. A guy who sat back and managed a world of talent on the field. Seemed the simplest of jobs – just throw some players out and let them do their job.

But it never is that easy. Million dollar contracts. Million dollar egos.

Through it all, there was Pep / Joe. Managing the entire team. Winning trophies and league titles. Making it seem so simple.

Let’s hope he comes back refreshed.


Picked up this book and am looking forward to learning more about Barca: The Making of the Greatest Team in the World.

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