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The Daily Scrum, Episode 3

The Daily Scrum, Episode 3

The Daily Scrum, An Agile Project Management Podcast by William Anderson

The Daily Scrum, Episode 3 is now available for download in iTunes.
In this episode we continue talking with Mike Maheu, a noted Agile trainer and evangelist. Mike talks us through the Agile process as it relates to teams working in the same physical location versus those teams who are distributed in different locations throughout the world.

Show outline & notes

  • Introduction
  • Collocated Team: What is it?
  • Collocated Team: Why does it matter?
  • Collocated Team: Examples
  • Distributed Team: What is it?
  • Distributed Team: Why does it matter?
  • Distributed Team: Examples
  • Closing


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The Daily Scrum
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Where to find more

I’ll continue building these pieces out as I go along. For now, here’s the plan:


Speaking of agile and scrum, here’s the book that got me started down this path.
A great read.

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