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Outsourcing Is Not A Bad Word

A fundamental principle of business is that you do things in house that you think can give you a competitive advantage and outsource things that you don’t.
(Source: Chris Dixon, Outsourcing Things You Don’t Care About)

I like this post. But not for the post in itself.

After reading the original text, follow the comments. Some very good stuff from some very good people (including Chris himself).

I’ve always felt that outsourcing was bad. Maybe it’s Ross Perot ringing in my ears (ahem).

Or maybe it’s experience. It seems to me there was (and continues to be) little management of outside help. Knowledge of core competencies aren’t carried over. IP isn’t transferable. All that.

But the more I’ve come to appreciate outsourcing of specific tasks, the more I realize it’s not managing the outside help that’s troubling.

If there are problems with outsourcing, it probably stems from internal management issues.


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