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Barcelona FC = Apple Inc

For long spells Barcelona simply reminded us of their favourite obsession, keeping the ball and exerting a sense of superiority. There are not too many sides in Europe who have the nerve to play with what is essentially a front four and they were quickly in the groove, knocking the ball around, left and right, short and long, waiting for the opening. The philosophy is that giving the ball away is a sin, and yet that is exactly what happened for Drogba’s goal.
(Source: The Irish Times, Drogba gives Chelsea precious lead)

Compare that with this:

What seems large to me is the opportunity. So what we’re focusing on is the same thing we’ve always focused on, which is making the world’s best products. And we think if we stay laser-focused on that, and continue to develop to the ecosystem around the iPhone then we have a pretty good opportunity to take advantage of this enormous market.

(Source: CNN Money / Fortune, Transcript: Apple CEO Tim Cook at Goldman Sachs)

It’s probably a stretch, but Apple and Barcelona FC remind me a lot of each other.