Doing 90% Of Your Work 100% Of The Time

However, the effect of tablets will not so much be to push people to work from home, per se, as to encourage them to work from wherever it makes the most sense to be at the moment.
(Source: Computerworld, Why Tron is a true story … or how the iPad is transforming the enterprise)

Naturally, I agree. I think the tablet is powerful in the sense that you can get 90%+ of your work done 100% of the time*.

(Those numbers are based on work I do and in actual practice.)

The toughest part is accepting that change might be a good thing. And since there is change, there will be short-term hiccups.

But the goal is making you more productive.

And tablets – and change – are good for making you more productive.

* Numbers depend on your needs, naturally.

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