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Klinsmann's Approach To Soccer In The USA

Most of the current squad is playing in Europe, and MLS is getting better every year. So we can challenge the better nations of the world, if we play them eye-to-eye, keep a high-paced rhythm and enjoy ourselves as well.
(Source: Goal.com, Klinsmann says it’s no surprise the USA implements an attacking style of play – Part 4)

So far so good with Klinsmann. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember Bradley being so open to the media. I don’t mean with post-match interviews. Klinsmann has his own podcast, runs a Twitter account, and is generally available to the public.

It seems like this is a better approach if the goal is to get the USA more involved with their national soccer teams.

On the field, I like the fact he’s tinkering with his lineup and giving a lot of people a chance. This normally happens with most teams in the lead up to the next World Cup but it seems Klinsmann has a different of how the USA should be playing games and he’s trying to fill in the roster with players that can fill those roles.

Sounds simple, but I imagine it’s anything but.

Three things I’m most excited to see play out over the next few months:

  • Stuart Holden’s recovery. Stu + Bradley in the middle feels right to me.
  • Is Landon done? Some odd decisions coming out of camp Landon recently.
  • Who’s number two? Howard’s time is coming to an end (sadly).

You can find the upcoming USMNT schedule here.


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