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Pay With Square: A Terrific Experience With Brooklyn Taco

Pay With Square: A Terrific Experience With Brooklyn Taco

Brooklyn Taco Co.

On Saturday, we headed down to the Brooklyn Taco Co. at the Essex Street Market here in New York. There were a few reasons for this:Brooklyn Taco Co.

  • We like that area
  • We miss good mexican food
  • They accept Square

The first two points probably don’t need a lot of explanation. Exploring this city is great, and being down in the Lower East Side area is always exciting. It’s a mix of having fun and being scared within each block.

Coming from California, we miss good mexican food. We’ve found some decent places here (more on that later) but for the most part, we haven’t had much luck. We remain optimistic we’ll find *that* spot.

The third point, while incredibly dorky, was the main reason I wanted to try Brooklyn Taco: to use Square. I’ve used Square before – in San Francisco in a cab a year ago – but I haven’t used it in New York. And I haven’t used it since its recent update.

Here was my chance.

We placed our order and our request was tapped into an iPad-turned-register. When it came to pay, it went something like this:

   Me: “Can I pay with Square?”
   Her: “Sure! Thanks William!”

And that was it.

I was notified a few seconds later that I had been charged for my visit, and an option was available to leave a tip.

It was really that easy. No credit card. No cash. No receipts.

As Mitch Hedberg would say:

We don’t need to bring ink and paper into this.

Here was my reaction after reviewing the transaction:



Oh, by the way, the tacos were super. I had the chorizo and potato. Really fresh. (Sorry for the crappy photo.)


A Brooklyn Taco


We’ll be back, and ready to pay with Square.


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