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Finding Talent In Alternative Structures

But, at the same time, we need to speak with more people in the alternative structures of soccer and maybe look into structures that have not yet been used for soccer in the USA.
(Source: Goal.com, Klinsmann says U.S. soccer has to reach out to find talent from new areas – Part 2)


I’m a big fan of what Klinsmann is doing with the US Men’s National Team. Big fan. He’s not targeting *just* today’s upper echelon players but also reaching out to “alternative structures” to find more talent.

Even if it’s raw, the feeling is if talent is available, he wants to know about it.

Putting into place a system – that works – to evaluate, manage, and expose the found talent will be another challenge.

I get the feeling that Klinsmann senses the USA is on to something big and having someone with international experience will help push the team to the next level.

I’m excited for this Summer’s qualifying games, but I’m even more excited to discover what talent Klinsmann’s process digs up for 2014 (and beyond).


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