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A Lesson In Branding

Your name should be your URL.
(Source: Mark Suster, Honest Advice on Starting a Company)

I started watching Suster’s talk last night – I’m about 40 minutes in. It’s a great topic and I really enjoy his speaking style.

With the quote above, I totally agree. It’s not easy. Not only do you have to battle other companies but you have to race to get the name you want from the registrar before it disappears.

Back to the lesson. Suster is talking about companies but I think it can should be applied to individuals, too.

The URL is the central point for content. Whether that URL points to a Tumblr site, a Google+ page, or a self-hosted WordPress instance (like this one) is irrelevant. Your URL distinguishes you from the noise.

If you were given a business card with these two different URLs, how would they make you feel?

  • www.HristoStoichkov.com
  • www.linkedin.com/in/HristoStoichkov

If LinkedIn is your main spot on the web – where all the action happens – why not pick up a URL and point it there?

The idea here is it’s you. IT’S YOU! You are giving someone else the impression that you are in control of your brand. That’s big!

Plus, you have the option of owning your email address. Again, let’s look at two emails on a business cards:

Pretty impressive, eh?


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