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Is It Worth Getting A Journalism Degree?

The ability to write well is valuable in a multitude of industries. The ability to report is valuable to all sorts of different interactions—learning how to ask the right questions is part of any college experience.
(Source: Mediabistro Why Studying Journalism Is Still a Good Idea)


But I also like the the idea of other, non-journalism-educated folks getting into the business to shake it up a little. Yes, we want to read pieces from folks who have been trained to write and ask the right questions, but it’s nice to see other ways of consuming and producing these pieces.

I’m not sure if that would have happened so quickly if journalism were left on its own.

(Update: It wouldn’t have happened.)

I wasn’t schooled in journalism and I don’t know its history as well those who have, but it looks like some programs are adapting to today’s environment:

  • New Business Models for News
  • Entrepreneurial Incubator
  • Technology Immersion


The HBR Series is great, and this book in
particular asks the right questions for a better you.

On Managing Yourself

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